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The 15 Top Billionaire Daughters of India

By on April 6, 2016

Ah, the billionaires and their daughters. Fathers and daughters usually have fantastic relationships. It is particularly very interesting to see how billionaire fathers and their heiresses work together. These women come from rich families that are very good in doing business: from real estate magnates to construction and software companies, these heiresses are running their family businesses like real professionals! Some of them are already running their family companies and others are leaving their Ivy League schools and they are getting ready to learn about money and finances! These are top billionaire daughters of India who will definitely inspire you to make more money.



  1. Meet Nisa Godrej,  the head of the Godrej Group, the family business she has been leading for some time. Her family has a net worth over $5 billion, and Nisa’s title is President of Human Capital and Innovation. In other words, Nisa is managing over 20,000 employees in the company that deals with soap, hair products, toiletries… Nisa was also well prepared for this job since she received her MBA from Harvard!