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Never Book Flights on Fridays and Eight Other Tips for Getting Cheap Air Fares

By on December 18, 2015

Traveling seems to have gotten harder and more expensive, hasn’t it? We have to show up to the airport two hours early, then, thanks to global terrorism, we get to wait in security lines for sometimes up to 40 minutes before trying to make our way through throngs of angry travelers to get to our gate and hope that the airlines hasn’t oversold their flight so we still have a seat. Then, should we make it onto the plane we hope we had time to stop and buy something to eat because, though we’re now paying more for tickets, we’re no longer getting any food. In an effort to make flying less of a pain, here are some tips to help you score cheap air fares.


Don’t Book on Friday

Never, under any circumstances, book your flight on a Friday. Ever. Friday is not only a bad day to book your flight, it is actually the most expensive day of the week to purchase your place tickets, so never, ever do it. So, what day is the best day to book air travel?