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15 of the Sexiest Cities in the World

By on August 17, 2015

If you’ve done any amount of traveling you know that each destination has its own flavor and vibe. Some destinations really cater to families with small children, while others give retired people more attention. Some spots are more laid back, while others are pulsing with excitement. So it all really depends on what mood you’re in and what you feel like experiencing when booking a vacation. If you want culture, head to London, if you want romance, head to Venice, Italy, and it you want a sexy time, head to any one of these 15 sexy cities.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

If you’ve ever been anywhere in Brazil, you’ve most likely found yourself saying, “Is it just me or is everyone who lives here like really, really beautiful?” It’s not just you, we’ve all thought that because Brazilians do seem to be some of the most gorgeous creatures on the planet. And Sao Paulo seems to have an almost obscene amount of attractive people, especially the ladies who are super sexy. And when you see them in a bikini, well you’ll know why plastic surgeons call a certain procedure a “Brazilian Butt Lift.”