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15 Hilarious Signs from Around the World

By on November 19, 2015

If you’re someone who travels often you’ve probably noticed there are certain things that are similar no matter where in the world you find them. For instance – eating utensils – no matter where you are, forks look like forks, spoons like spoons, and knives like knives. Even chopsticks look pretty much identical. Other things that are typically similar despite which country they reside in are signs. They’re pretty much identical in every country, which makes sense, because everyone is supposed to be able to recognize and understand the message being conveyed. But every once in a while in your travels you come across a sign where the creator took some artistic license, and the result is hilarious.

Leave it to the English to try and get their point across with sardonic humor. We’d like to see a charming Englishman try and get $200 from a corpse. If only we had experienced instant death instead of having to owe the US government thousands of dollars in back taxes. Where are live wires when you need them?